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What is Sitemap in SEO | Types of Sitemap | in 2020


The sitemap is a very important factor in website SEO. although it is not a direct ranking factor it means a lot. So we will now understand what is a sitemap? why it is important and how many types of maps are available.

What is a Sitemap:

A sitemap is one kind of map, through this, we can easily index our web pages. The sitemap helps us to fix our web pages and posts. Basically, we can say, Sitemap is a list of our website pages.

Why Sitemap important:

Point of View on the SEO Every Website should have a Sitemap. It is able to give a better index by google or another search engine. If we connect a map to our website then the Bot will crawl our site more intelligently. With a sitemap, The Spider will find easily our web pages and posts in a structured. Actually, Sitemap is an indirect ranking factor in SEO, but it makes navigating the website easier.



Types of Sitemap:

There are 2 types of Sitemaps.

  1. XML 

  2. HTML 

Definition of XML Sitemap :

XML  is for crawlers. An XML sitemap acts like a Map to convert the Search engine on our web page to another page. With XML Sitemap we can make a list of our web pages serially. That helps Crawler to index our pages easily. So if we add an XML sitemap to our Website then google will get a shortcut way to find our pages and the crawler budget will timely. Because of that Google will keeps an eye on our Website and ranked it quickly.

Types of XML Sitemap :

XML also has some types. These are –

1- Image Sitemap:

It helps images to get featured in google image search.

2- Video Sitemap:

same as Image sitemap, Video Sitemap gets featured our Website Video in SERPs. It helps Robots to understand the video content.

3- News Sitemap:

This Sitemap is available for News Websites. News Sitemap Cannot contain more than 1000 URLs. So, if we have more than 1000 URLs then we have to break these URLs into multiple Sitemaps.

4- Mobile Sitemap:

Google Webmaster Trends analytics John Mueller says- There is no need for Mobile Sitemap if our Website is Mobile-friendly. A mobile Sitemap is needed if we have a formatted version designed for mobile devices.


Definition Of HTML Sitemap:

We connect an HTML map only for our website visitors. This map allows traffics to easily navigate a website. With this map, our site visitors can locate with anchor text one webpage to another webpage. It makes a simple form of our web pages and posts So that Visitors can freely visit their targeted niche. 


Conclusion in Summary:

in the end, I think we will get an idea about the map. If we want to rank our website in an organic way, then a map will help a lot. It will help to navigate Traffics and Robots on our Website.  


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